Shadow Board

Use a shadow board of outsiders, millennials,.. to challenge your strategy with a fresh view.   GUCCI HAS A “SHADOW COMMITTEE” OF MILLENNIAL ADVISORS Posted on October 27, 2017Byhooghe WRITTEN BY MARC BAIN OBSESSION FASHION OCTOBER 25, 2017 Italian luxury house Gucci has had a remarkable turnaround since the start of 2015. That was when Alessandro Michele was unexpectedly named the brand’s … Continue reading Shadow Board

BOOK – From good to Great

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't is a management book by Jim C. Collins that describes how companies transition from being good companies to great companies, and how most companies fail to make the transition. The book was published on October 16, 2001. "Greatness" is defined as financial performance several multiples better … Continue reading BOOK – From good to Great


NIKE, Inc. does more than outfit the world's best athletes. It is a place to explore potential, obliterate boundaries and push out the edges of what can be. The company looks for people who can grow, think, dream and create. Its culture thrives by embracing diversity and rewarding imagination. The brand seeks achievers, leaders and visionaries. At Nike, it’s about each person bringing skills and passion to a challenging and constantly evolving game.